Backstory to The Fashion Collective

Olive Hughes, Co-Founder: The first issue I encountered with the fashion school was the lack of studio hours. That started to spark my interest, like everybody is having the same issues. We are already in the same community sharing the same spaces, so it just made sense for us to just work together and solve

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The Kent State Fashion Collective is an organization focused on community building within the fashion school. We aim to establish a creative and collaborative space for both merchandising and design fashion students.

“We really want to hone our craft and to do that, we want to help the fashion program be the best that it can be. So whatever we can do to enhance the learning experience and uplift each other, we want to make sure we do.”
“Our club has a real focus on unifying the design and merch students so that we learn to appreciate what the others do and gain a sort of mutual respect, while breaking the disconnect.”
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